Mother's Day Contest Winners

Salera's Mother's Day Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Salera's Mother's Day Contest winners!

We hope your mum loved the Guess Ladies G Twist watch.

We have included an additional 6 winners, making the total number of winners 18!

Here are their winning entries:
Name Mum Type Entry
Lleini L-S Glamorous My Mum was always beautiful. She lost her hair permanently due to treatment for brain tumours a couple of years ago, but even with a wig she looked on the bright side that it took less time to get ready. She has started to forget things as a result of scar tissue on the brain but I always do her makeup for her and she loves the compliments she gets from everyone as she's still gorgeous. Her watch went missing a year ago in respite care. She would really be thrilled to have a nice gift of a new watch I'd love to see her face! (My Mums name is Ingrid my name is Lleini Lloyd-Smith) Thank you!
Claire H Party Because in my neighbourhood when I was a child I always remember one of the boys saying "Claire is that your mum in a leather catsuit?" And she owned it!! 
Chanel P Party Mum is supportive, playful and glamorous but if you're looking for a party Mum she is definitely number one! A family dinner ah no the games come out maybe even a pinata full of candy before anyone can go. If we are invited to a party we better have our boots tied tight as we are always the last to leave - it was day when we got here and now it's night! At my 18th we had gatecrashers and Mum offered them cake - she even sent them home with a little party bag keepsake. I love my party Mum - so kind and fun - the party is never over with Party Mum!
Vicki F Party My mum has always been a party mum. She is now 88 and in aged care but is still the life of the party and her walker doesn't stop her from dancing either!
May L Playful I've got the playful mum
Who is creative and loves to have fun
She'll help with baking and decorations
She'd make any excuse for a celebration
Arts and crafts a pilates reformer class
She does it with confidence and sass!
Always up for trying new things
She enjoys life and is inspiring!
Nitisha Kavin K Playful My mum always says “peanut oil comes from peanuts, olive oil from olives, but my baby oil comes from hugging and squeezing you”. So playful!
Alana H Supportive My mum is so supportive. I was dignosed with stage 4 b cell lymphoma from a broken leg. It took a year for specialists to diagnose it. And I just became a first time mum. She raised my son while i went through gruesome chemo and I had to learn to walk. Her love and support help me beat the cancer. I want to be like her for my son. Words cant describe how lucky Í am to have her in my life. She is my best friend. I'll be for ever grateful her positive attitude and love got me to where i am today. 1 year in remission. Thanks mother xo
Fiona M Supportive I wish more than anything to win this for my mum! She is seriously the hardest working person I know! Raised 5 children and is till this day working 3 jobs! Caring for a disabled lady for at least 20 years during the day. In the afternoon she works at our family business pizza shop and just before midnight she cares for a disabled young man! She truly deserves to be spoiled and it will be so special to give her this! 
Janine B Supportive She’s a safe-driving
school fee-paying
see-you-through anything Mum!  
Anna T Supportive When I was a little girl I had a birthmark on my face. My mum would apply the same mark on her face with makeup to take the attention away from me! She is the most supportive mum and has always been by my side no matter what!
Soleima D Supportive She stocked our pantry good and proper
Cuddles and kisses were always on offer.
Her love and rules were sometimes tough
But she made us ladies from diamonds rough.
Sara M Supportive Not only is she a wonderful mother to her children and a beautiful grandmother, she also is a foster mother to teenagers and has helped raised over 200 children who were in desperate need.
Karen D Supportive This is the best way to describe my mum because her whole life she has done nothing but worked hard to provide for her three children. Growing up I’ve only grew up with my mother and even though times were tough she would try her hardest to give her children the best. Till this day she works 7 days a week not missing a day even though she gets sick she will manage to get to work. She’s always been supportive to her three children equally. Even though she doesn’t show it but I know she struggles emotionally and mentally but she will always think positive. She always provides the best even though she’s not having a good day she makes sure we all do. My mother has been nothing but the best she could be! 
Navar R Supportive For 3 years she sacrificed her career to start raising out 2 boys, and even now when we needed it most she has gone back to work and still spends all her time caring and worrying about myself and the kids. We're tight on money at the moment and a beautiful watch would be a perfect present for such a hardworking mum.
Sarah P Supportive She is the 1st person we all call for advice or help with anything. She is always positive and upbeat. She is 74 years old and still works fulltime and gets 4 buses to work and back each day as she was born blind in 1 eye and wasn't able to drive. She's had a lot of bad luck in life but never lets it get her down. Even when she had cancer she was more worried about the family than herself. She's amazing.
Jacki B Supportive I talk to my amazing mother sometimes 3 times a day and see her weekly. She is 89 and the most incredible giving loving person I know. 6 weeks ago she received an Order of Australia medal for her services to the community through music. Yesterday she had a total hip replacement and when she asked me to put her watch on after the operation it broke. When I saw this competition come up today I thought it was perfect timing for a perfect woman to receive a new watch.  I hope she wins. She deserves it so much. Thanks. Jacki.
Donna B Supportive My Mum is optiMUM when it comes to Mums she gives maxiMUM love and expects miniMUM in return. She is so supportive to family and friends we all think she's phenoMUM! 
Terri M Supportive Because my mum is always caring for everyone else, not only is she a disability support worker she also takes care of my younger autistic sister. My mum Kim also makes sure that she is there to support all the other members in the family as we have recently lost my mum’s brother and my Nanna within a couple of days of each other. Obviously this was a devastating time for my mum but in all of that she still made sure that she was giving others in the family the support that they needed to try and get through such a hard time. My mum Kim is definitely the definition of a supporting mum, nana, wife, sister and friend.