Ball Watches Land at Salera's Chadstone December 5, 2014 18:19


This is your invitation.
To realise that yesterday's best is just a starting point for today.
There's more to take on. More to risk. And more to earn.
Just remind yourself that it's easier to keep going if you never stop.
This is your invitation.
To value yourself against one set of standards.
Your own.
It's up to you to create expectations.
And then to shatter them over and over again.
Because greatness is not a record of your past.
It's the pillar of your future.
This is your invitation.
To be daring. To be ambitious, yet humble.
To be open. To be grateful.
To be honourable and compassionate.
To be never satisfied.



Ball Watches are now available at the Salera's Chadstone boutique.

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