The Salera's Story 

Salera’s is a family owned and operated jewellery and watch business with stores throughout Melbourne and metropolitan Brisbane.




Where it all began

In 1952, a young Italian jeweller and watchmaking by the name Alfredo Salera boarded the Castel Felice on its maiden voyage from Genoa, Italy to Melbourne, Australia. 


During the voyage, the ship’s captain, Avolio Matarese learned of Alfredo’s trade and approached him to repair his watch. After Alfredo refused payment for the deed, Captain Matarese offered to set up a stand for Alfredo to tend to the needs of other passengers throughout the journey.


By the time the ship landed in Melbourne, Alfredo had earned enough to open up the very first Salera’s store in Footscray, delighting customers and clients with unique Italian jewellery and a warm, family-run atmosphere.


Now, over 60 years after its humble beginnings, the diverse collections of diamonds, fine jewellery and premium watches found in Salera’s are available across over twenty locations throughout Melbourne and metropolitan Brisbane.


Salera’s aims to make premium and quality jewellery and watches accessible to the discerning buyers in Australia with a service that inspires loyalty.


Just as the Salera’s business transcends generations, so too do the clientele with many families having the special milestones marked with engagement rings, jewellery, gifts and more from Salera’s.



And now

With six generations of European goldsmithing and watchmaking knowhow, Salera’s are confident that we can help with your jewellery, premium watch and gift requirements whilst at the same time making your shopping and buying experience enjoyable and memorable.


Of course our website cannot do justice to the fantastic range of beautiful items to be found in store. So if you are in the market to buy that perfect gift or just have the need to treat yourself to something truly special, visit our staff at your closest store and discover why Salera’s have a reputation for Quality, Service, Value and Integrity.


~ The Salera’s Team



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