DiaMaster Grande Seconde becomes latest award-winning Rado timepiece March 9, 2016 10:08

Rado’s distinctive DiaMaster Grande Seconde has received the prestigious 2015 GOOD DESIGN™ award, further expanding the brand’s impressive collection of award-winning watches. The Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde is a classic gentleman’s timepiece with a twist: The dial displays two overlapping sub-dials, one for hours and minutes, the other for seconds. The showstopping 43mm dial fastens to the wrist with a sumptuous embossed calf leather bracelet.

But it’s not just good looks that make the DiaMaster Grande Seconde so remarkable. The unique timepiece is also a stage where Rado’s mastery of materials takes the spotlight. The case of the DiaMaster Grande Seconde is engineered from plasma high-tech ceramic, a signature Rado material that was also pioneered by the brand.


Materials mastery

In Rado’s plasma process, finished white ceramic components are placed in a plasma furnace, where gases activated at 20,000°C trigger a molecular reaction that gives the piece a unique metallic luster. With this cutting-edge process, Rado is able to offer metallic-looking watches with all the comfort of high-tech ceramic: Scratch-resistant, light and hypoallergenic, the benefits of high-tech ceramic remain unaffected by the plasma transformation. The DiaMaster Grande Seconde’s eye-catching plasma case encircles its large unconventional dial, making this timepiece, as well as its wearer, stand out.

The 2015 GOOD DESIGN™ award is the fourth design award Rado has won recently, following on the heels of Rado’s three-time award winner from 2014, the HyperChrome Ceramic Touch Dual Timer.


Discover the Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde HERE


Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde R14129106