How to clean and care for your jewellery October 31, 2017 10:00

How to clean and care for your jewellery

Many of us probably still think our jewellery doesn’t need a clean.

Though you may not realise it, your jewellery needs some care and a good clean from time to time. Neglect your jewellery and you may notice it getting tarnished or grubby.

Be it an heirloom piece or dress jewellery, all jewellery pieces need be looked after. This is especially true for handmade jewellery.

Handmade jewellery are precious, crafted pieces that have to be kept at their best to prolong their lifespan.

If your jewellery needs a clean and you don’t know where to start, fret not. We’ve prepared some tips on how to care for your jewellery.


  1. Give it a clean

Lightly clean your jewellery using mild dish soap, water and a soft toothbrush. After cleaning, be sure to dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Then let it air dry for a time before putting it away. You may brighten it up with a jewellery polishing cloth from time to time.


  1. Remove jewellery before showering and doing chores

Never wear your jewellery when bathing, showering, or cleaning. Soaps or body care products used while bathing, showering and cleaning can cause a film to form, making your jewellery appear dull.


  1. Polish your jewellery

Polish your silver or gold with a jewellery polishing cloth for best results. Professional cloths are best. Be careful as some cloths, tissue or paper towels can cause scratches because of the fibres present in these products.


  1. Use appropriate products

Be careful when cleaning jewellery and be sure to use the right products to avoid damage. Warm water is great for cleaning many types of jewellery. However, be aware that water can cause reactions when combined with some cleaning fluids. This reaction can result in discolouration. Sterling silver is especially susceptible to this.


  1. Avoid cleaning damaged jewellery

Never clean any jewellery that is damaged, cracked or broken. The additional handling is likely to worsen the problem instead of improving it. If you find that a piece of jewellery is damaged, it should be set aside for repair as soon as possible.


  1. Check jewellery for problems

When having your jewellery professionally cleaned, it's a good idea to have each item checked for any possible problems. Addressing signs of damage or loose gemstones will prevent any further damage or loss, keeping all of your pieces in excellent shape for years.