Buyer's Guide

Payment Options

  • Lay-By
    • Salera's offer a three (3) month lay-by agreement in which a 20% deposit is placed upon chosen item(s) and they are held in our secure facilities until the conclusion of the agreement.
    • Payments must be contributed at least fortnightly to the lay-by agreement.
    • Cancellation of a lay-by policy may incur a termination fee.
  • Deposit Pick-Up
    • Salera's offer a three (3) month deposit pick-up agreement whereby a 20% deposit placed up the chosen item(s) and they are held in our secure facilities until the conclusion of the agreement.
    • The deposit pick-up sale must be completed within three payments within the agreement period.
    • Cancellation of a deposit pick-up will result in the forfeiture of all deposits paid.
  • G.E. Finance
    • Salera's offer Interest Free financing options through G.E. Finance
    • Visit the official GEM Visa website for more information HERE


 Watch Servicing/Repair

  • Watches require periodic servicing to ensure that their movements are running accurately and the case maintains its specified water resistance.
  • Every watch Salera's sells comes with its own international Manufacturer's Warranty, it is highly recommended that you read the booklet that comes with your watch to understand what it covered.
  • The instruction manual that comes with your watch will specify the location of your local service and repair centre as well as how frequently they recommend you have it inspected and serviced.
  • Salera's are able to organise your watch to be sent to the authorised service centre.
  • Please be aware that the timeframe of repairs and assessments are dependant on the current workload of the centre and this is not under Salera's control.

Jewellery Restoration/Repair

  • Quotations for custom jewellery repair needs are also available, please bring your goods into your nearest store to be sent to our jewellers for assessment.
  • All jewellery from Salera's comes with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects with proof of purchase.
  • Due to the value of goods, Salera's reserves the right to have a jeweller inspect the goods in question prior to issuing a remedy.


Ring Cleaning

  • If you have purchased your engagement or wedding rings from Salera's before, you may visit any of our stores to have our friendly staff clean it in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner.
  • Over the years, it is recommended to have gold professionally cleaned, polished and re-rhodium plated if it is white gold. Salera's offer these services at competitive prices, simply bring your piece to your nearest store for a quote.